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  Aug 16
This gorgeous yet cruel Asian Mistress sits above her spit slave, and spits all over his chest while she talks down to him. He just lays there and takes it, and loves every second of it. He knows how lucky he is to be receiving her spit. She stuffs her sexy feet into his mouth and makes him lick and suck on them as she spits on him, sometimes taking her feet out of his mouth to spit int it.
  Aug 13
Dakota has you under her glass table, and she's spitting down right at your face. Sometimes she misses the table and hits your face with spit, and she tells you that you should have to walk around with her spit all over your face so everyone will know you are a spit loving pussy. By the time she's done there is a huge puddle of spit covering you.
  Aug 10
Gorgeous Asian girl sits on her counter and talks to you, spitting into a glass the whole time. She puts the glass between her thighs and tells you to imagine that your head is there, and then she spits and spits down into the glass. It's incredible how much spit this girl is producing! She talks about how you make her want to throw up, and says lots of other demeaning things to you.
  Aug 7
Your voluptuous Mistress Jessie is spitting into a glass for you again, giving you a nice view of her curvy body while doing so. She works up as much spit as she can so you can get a nice big drink of it.
  Aug 4
This beautiful and very dominant Asian girl spits all over her shirtless spit slave. He lays there and gladly takes it as she talks down to him and spits all over him. She tells him to open his mouth, and she spits right into it, telling him that that is the closest he will ever get to kissing any female.
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