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  Apr 18
Wenona looks seductively at you and spits into a clear glass. She sometimes lets the spit hang and drool off of her bottom lip because she knows how hard that makes you, you fucking loser.
  Apr 15
Wenona has you underneath her glass coffee table. She is calling you a stupid pathetic loser because she knows you want her to spit all over you. She gives you what you want...she hocks and spits right down at your face, telling you that it's your dinner. She hocks and spits over and over and over again, talking shit to you the whole time, and then rubs her bare foot all over the puddle of spit.
  Apr 12
Wenona has you underneath her glass coffee table, and she is spitting all over it, letting you watch her saliva pool up right in front of your face, and you're wishing she would just spit it directly onto you. She teases you even more by rubbing her sexy bare feet in it and hovering her foot right above you.
  Apr 9
Mini sits above you and talks down to you, telling you how disgusting and pathetic you are, just laying around on her floor all day waiting for her precious saliva. She keeps spitting into a clear wine glass as she is talking down to you and degrading you, and tells you that she fully expects you to drink it all. It might take her a week to fill it all the way up, and lucky will get to drink a week's worth of her delicious spit.
  Apr 6
Crash hocks up a couple of nice big brownish colored loogies and spits them into a clear wine glass. She looks seductively at you as the spit is hanging off of her luscious bottom lip. Then she tilts the glass sideways to show you what's in it, and serves it up to you.
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