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  May 3
Crash is relaxing on the couch holding an empty wine glass. She tells you to come closer to her, and then she starts spitting into the glass, letting the discolored saliva and phlegm drool out of her mouth slowly, into the cup. She talks about how she is thinking of having her girlfriends over and having all of them spit into the cup too, and making you drink every last drop of all their spit.
  Apr 30
Mini spits down at your face, talking shit to you the whole time and calling you names. She sure knows how to put you in your place and make you feel like the pathetic loser that you are. She rubs the bottom of her shoe all over the huge puddle of spit that has collected, and rubs it in with her fingers.
  Apr 27
Michelle sits above you, making loud hocking sounds and spitting down all over your face while she tells you how disgusting and pathetic you are. She spits so much, that after a while she just becomes a blur behind the huge puddle of spit...lucky you!!!
  Apr 24
Crash hocks up a nice brownish colored loogie and lets it slowly ooze out of her mouth, dangling way down off of her plump bottom lip. She plays with it with her fingers, and then lets it drop down to the ground. She spits on the ground some more and then steps all over the puddle of thick spit with her high heeled shoe. And you know what she expects you to do now.....lick it off!
  Apr 21
Sarah stands above you and hocks and spits down onto a glass pane while she calls you a loser and makes fun of you. You can see each wad of spit coming straight down at your face, and you just want to taste it so bad. After she has created a nice puddle of saliva and spit, she rubs her bare foot all over the big puddle of spit, giving you a sexy view of her spit-covered soles.
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