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  May 18
Tiffany comes home to find that you didn't clean up everything she told you to. All you did was vacuum and clean her glass top table. She is really pissed now, and she sits down and chews you out for a good long while, and then she starts spitting all over the glass table that you just worked so hard to get sparkling clean, and tells you that you're going to have to clean it with your face. You lean in close to her spit and she makes fun of you for liking her spit so much.
  May 15
Olivia looks down at you and talks about how much phlegm and mucus build-up she has in her sinuses and throat. She snorts to pull snot deep out of her sinuses and hocks it all up into nice big thick loogies, and spits it down at you over and over and over again.
  May 12
Michelle makes gross loud hocking sounds, collecting lots of spit up in her mouth, and she spits it down onto the ground, where you are sitting. She gets a nice big puddle of it built up, and then steps in it with her tennis shoe, grinding her sneaker into it, and then she holds up her foot and tells you to lick all the saliva and spit off the bottom of her shoe.
  May 9
Kayla's slave has not been worshiping her feet properly, so she has him lay on the floor, but denies him the privilege of having her feet on his face. Instead, she decides he needs something else all over his face....tons of her spit! She leans over and spits on his face over and over again, and lifts up his shirt and spits all over his body. He is humiliated but he is so lucky to be underneath her, wearing her saliva all over his face and body.
  May 6
Crash knows how much you love seeing her spit, so she puts on a sexy little spitting show for you. She spits thick discolored spit onto the ground, letting it dangle off her pouty bottom lip before it falls to the ground. When there is a puddle of thick spit and phlegm on the ground, she steps on it with her high heel shoe and puts the shoe in your face, telling you to lick it off.
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