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  Jun 2
Sarah sits on her kitchen counter, spitting down at you. She waves her feet in your face and tells you all about what a pathetic loser you are. She sucks on a candy to produce even more saliva to spit down at your face. She spits on her feet and waves the soles of her bare feet in your face, telling you that you are going to get sick when you lick the spit off of them because she has a cold.
  May 30
Olivia snorts to pull snot out of her sinuses, and hocks up all kinds of phlegm, and spits tons of thick, brownish colored loogies into a clear plastic bottle, trying to see how full she can get it. You get great close up views of the chunky mucus and phlegm floating in the spit in the bottle.
  May 27
Michelle hocks and spits over and over again into a clear glass. She wants to give you a nice big full drink, so she even takes a drink of water, swishes it around a whole bunch inside her mouth, gargles with it a few times, and then spits it into your spit cup along with the rest of her saliva and phlegm. Then she informs you that you're going to drink the whole glass of her spit, and she holds it up to your mouth.
  May 24
Crash is sitting on her staircase, spitting down onto the ground. She catches you staring at her, and calls you over and orders you to get on your knees. She spits down more on the floor near you, and rubs her feet in the puddle of spit and orders you to lick it off.
  May 21
Sarah sucks on a candy, which makes her saliva glands go nuts. She starts spitting and spitting onto a glass top coffee table, and it doesn't take long at all before she gets a nice big lake of spit collected on top of it. The coffee table is tilted ever-so-slightly, so the huge puddle of spit is turning into a little river and oozing its way across the table, right in front of your face. She rubs her bare foot in the massive puddle of spit.
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