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  Jul 2
Tiffany knows exactly what you are craving for....her delicious spit. And she gives you plenty of it. She spits over and over into a glass, and when she decides it's full enough, she pours the saliva all over her high heeled shoe and tells you to lick it off. She's not about to let you drink out of her glass with your filthy mouth.
  Jun 29
Crash and Jolene tell you to come over and kneel in front of them. They spit nice big thick wads of spit onto the floor and then smash it around with their sexy high heeled shoes. They let the long thick loogies hang off the bottom of their shoes, and tell you to lick it all off.
  Jun 26
Tiffany talks down to you, making fun of you for wearing lingerie and begging for her precious spit. She belittles you for a while, and then finally gives you what you want...she spits down directly at your face. She talks about taking you out in public and making you lick her spit off of the sidewalk.
  Jun 23
Crash sits above you and tells you to open your mouth, and then she starts spitting down at you. She knows you are hungry for her thick delicious spit, and she gives you plenty of it. She plays with the puddle of spit with her fingers after a lot has collected, right in front of your face.
  Jun 20
Mini stands above you, leans over, and starts spitting down at you, over and over again. She has nice thick spit, and she lets it pool up on the ground and then steps in it and smooshes it around under her high heel shoe. She lifts up her shoe and tells you to look at all that dirty saliva on the bottom of her shoe...and you know what is expected of you now....time to lick it off, spit slave!
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