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  Jan 5
Roxies sexy red tinted mouth juice dribbles out of pretty lips slowly into a wine glass.


  Jan 2
Roxie seductively drools her wet saliva into a wine glass for you.


  Dec 30
Jolie, a gorgeous redhead is filling up a wine glass full of her warm, wet mouth juices. If youre a good boy, she might even give you a little taste.


  Dec 27
Sexy Brandi Bottoms spits her warm saliva in a wine glass while wearing a hot bright pink bikini top.


  Dec 24
Beautiful brunette Roxie is wearing a bight blue bra while to attempts to fill her wine glass with her spit.


  Dec 21
Brandi Bottoms is dressed in a sexy lingerie pink and black two piece as she sits down and drools her mouth juices in a wine glass.


  Dec 18
Dressed in a sexy sheer black lingerie top, this bombshell brunette spits and drools her discolored spit into a cup trying to fill it to the top.


  Dec 15
Redheaded beauty, Jolie lays back and relaxing her her panties and bra while she spits lugies into a wine glass.




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